Online casino players might be worried about legal consequences of gambling. There isn’t much to worry about, but there are some things to keep in mind.

Laws are mostly directed against the providers of casino services, not the users. The players might suffer the consequences because the casino might get closed and everyone’s deposits might be gone, or the bank might refuse to withdraw winnings, but they’re not likely to suffer any legal consequences for gambling itself. Even if any legal problems are not likely, it’s still important that you don’t gamble if gambling is illegal.

You will obviously get prosecuted if you play with money you got from an illegal source, try to defraud the casino or commit any other crime while gambling.

There are some laws that have to be followed by players. Everyone is required to read the Terms and Conditions before registering as a user, and all casinos put these requirements there. You have to have reached the age of majority in your jurisdiction – underage gambling is illegal. Casinos prevent this by asking for documents proving that the player is not a minor. If an underage person registers anyway, the casino is going to ban them, keep their funds and possibly even inform other casinos so that they don’t let this player register.