Before anyone is allowed to join a casino, they have to read the end user agreement. In contains all the terms and conditions regarding everything that can and cannot be done in a particular casino, as well as how it’s done. Some of them are about transferring funds. It’s absolutely essential to read and understand terms and conditions before accepting them.

When you accept the agreement, you also accept any obligations, or warranties, that the casino will impose on you according to the terms and conditions. Before you can place any bets you need to prove that you’re the owner of the funds you’re using, which in practice means only ever using your own credit card, debit card or other payment method. The funds will be available for placing bets as soon as the player uses a credit card to deposit the money, but they’re not available for withdrawals yet – the transaction needs to be confirmed first, for example by the issuer of the credit card.

When players accept the terms and conditions, they also give the casino permission to get their account suspended and withhold all the money (deposits, refunds, bonuses and all other payments) if they break any rules. The information about debts can be shared with and accessed by other online casinos as well as collection agencies.

Dormant accounts are another issue when it comes to transferring funds. If you don’t visit the online casino at all for 6 months, you cannot withdraw your balance anymore. Make sure to not let it happen by either playing regularly or withdrawing everything before you quit playing.