Pretty much all online casinos and websites providing information about online gambling have message boards. Players can go there to share their experiences and to learn from other players.

The best thing about online casino message boards is that they’re honest and unbiased because everything is written by actual players. When you read the website of the casino itself, it’s going to only have positive information. When there are no negative opinions at all, it’s not valuable information.

You cannot trust every negative opinion, though. Some of them come from genuinely cheated players, but others might come from people who have tried to cheat the casino and got penalized for it.

In the end it’s not a problem, though, because when you have some experience it’s very easy to spot fake posts. Real posts are more transparent, include a lot of facts, and usually are civil in tone. People who tried to abuse bonuses and got caught will use malicious language and won’t provide clear information about what exactly happened.

If you suspect a post of being fake, you can always ask for additional info. Honest players will give it. You can also ask other players about the credibility of the post, including players from other message boards.

It’s important that you say what you have to say – for example, if someone criticizes a casino you only have good experience with, you need to say that. Only this way message boards can stay honest, useful and informative.