Thanks to the new 3D software from, you can make your own avatar and quite literally enter the casino with it.

Not that much has been introduced to the online casino world in the last ten or even fifteen years, with the exception of casino tournaments, live games, and downloading software casino to play against Random Number Generator.

When it comes to looks, most games have been alike. The 888 software changes that. You can walk your unique avatar all around the virtual casino and play all the games, such as slots, blackjack and roulette. The graphics and sound effects are stunning, which brings you a step closer to experiencing the atmosphere of real Las Vegas.

Casino games are still far behind other kinds of video games when it comes to graphics and general aesthetic value. Maybe 3D software like the one from 888 will finally make the much-needed difference.

It is possible to play 888 games without using the avatar. If you want to play fast, the avatar wastes some of your time by walking around and reacting to winning or losing. But if you focus on the experience, this innovation starts a whole new era.

The design could still use some improvement, but even now it can show you what online casinos can be like in the future.