When you’re choosing a new online casino for yourself, you want to know many things about how it works. One of the most important things is information about what exactly to do in order to clear the bonuses. Bonuses in online casinos are varied and given for different reasons.

A lot of casinos offer an initial deposit bonus, which means that a player gets a percentage of their first deposit, up to a certain amount, which gives the player extra money to play with right at the beginning. There are many other types of bonuses too, such as redeposit bonuses or referral bonuses, and it’s important to know how to clear them. Clearing a bonus means having access to it, and there are always criteria for how to go about it.

Online casinos make players clear bonuses in order to avoid fraud or to discourage players who only come to take advantage of bonuses and don’t plan to keep using the website. Different casinos have different criteria, but in the end they’re all pretty similar. Casinos will usually want the player to be a registered user for a certain amount of time and/or spend a certain amount of time playing before the bonus can be cleared.

Obviously the only way to know the exact rules regarding clearing bonuses is to read the rules and specifications on the casino website you’re interested in.