It’s easy to forget your New Year resolutions very quickly, but when you’re an online casino player it’s very important to not forget these five. The first one only applies to slots, but all the others apply to all games.

1. Always enable maximum paylines in slot games. You can’t get paid for getting an inactive paylines. Some bonus features are not going to work either if not all paylines are enabled. If you don’t have much cash, adjust the coin size and not the number of paylines.
2. Prepare your bankroll for the year according to your income, expenses, potential emergencies and other unexpected events. What remains can be spent on online gambling. Divide this amount into weeks and then into how much you can wager per session. Once you have established these amounts, never wager more than that.
3. Never chase losses. The main point of gambling is to have fun. You don’t get money back when you buy other forms of entertainment. In the end what you lose in any casino game is just the cost of having a good time.
4. Always withdraw your winnings from you casino account, leaving only the amount of money you had before the win. If the won money remains in your account, it will be much harder to resist the temptation of using it to play.
5. Every three months take the self-assessment test available in most online casinos that lets you know if you have problematic thinking patterns about gambling. Answer all questions honestly. If the test says you have a problem, seek a solution.