Caribbean Stud is enjoyable because of its simple rules and the fact that you can play for a pretty long time even when your bankroll is small. Learning about common mistakes made by beginners is very useful so that you can avoid them, since they can be quite costly.

The game is not played against other players but against the house. It’s possible to win the progressive jackpot associated with it by making a $1 side bet. The first and most important thing is to fully understand and learn the rules and basic strategies. Practice can and should come from playing free games before betting with real money.

Folding pairs lower than 5 is a common mistake that players make because they don’t want to risk. In reality the dealer hand doesn’t qualify 44% of the time, so the chance of beating it with a low pair is more than 50%.

A hand with an Ace and a Queen should be folded. It seems like a powerful combination, but it only wins if the dealer gets nothing. Playing this hand is another beginner mistake.

In order to avoid other these and other mistakes always analyse your hand’s strength, don’t bet at random and don’t bluff.