Roulette, both European and American, is based on luck. There are players that don’t accept this fact and come up with ways to cheat the game. It’s not advised to do that, but it is interesting to read about.

Late betting guarantees 100% win – you simply wait until the wheel stops and then you either place or change your bet while the dealer is not looking. Casinos keep getting better at tracking and catching this kind of cheaters, though.

Replacing the actual roulette ball with a magnetized ball lets you control is movement with a magnet. It is easy to win like this, but it’s very hard to arrange it so that the casino doesn’t notice.

Wheel rigging is a method used by casinos more than it’s used by players, because a player very rarely has access to the wheel without anyone around. A substance is placed in a specific area to make the ball land there more often, or specific number separators are removed.

Top hatting means cooperation where the dealer helps a particular player win and then they share the winnings. It’s very risky because casinos have a lot of surveillance cameras.

Roulette laser is a technology that can be placed in a cell phone. It can predict where the wheel is going to stop based on the velocity and speed of the ball. Three gamblers who won £1 million using this method in Ritz Casino got arrested.

It’s impossible to cheat in online roulette games, which is a good thing because no one can cheat against you either. If you think about cheating in land-based casinos, you need to remember that going to jail is likely when you get caught.