Sic-Bo is among the popular casino games that can be very fast and intense. It’s available in online casinos in different versions, but the instant live version is the most enjoyable – it resembles playing in a land-based casino the most.

A live Sic-Bo game uses a live video stream, not pre-recorded materials, and everything in it happens in real time. Players place bets and wait for results. While playing, you can chat with other players and the dealers.

The game is based on the total sum from three dice. A small roll gives the total of 4 to 10, while a big roll gives 11 to 17. There are also more complicated aspects, such as totals of odds or evens, selecting sets of three numbers, and many more.

Online casinos don’t provide live Sic-Bo very often, but the regular version is available in most online casinos around the world. The live version is much more exciting and provides much more fun by including personal interactions. Obviously the regular version based entirely on the Random Number Generator doesn’t necessarily have to be boring either, if that’s what you prefer.