The difference between Keno games and other casino games is that they take place in the lounge. Like Bingo games, they have their own room. The numbers need to be generated and the results broadcasted in an efficient way.

The Keno area is separated from the rest of the casino by a glass partition and it has a lot of seats. Some casinos use computerized RNGs, other have a plastic bowl to drop the number boards into the hopper.

There’s a board or a screen, sometimes multiple ones, for displaying winning numbers. Usually the video screens are visible in the entire casino, so people playing other games can also bet on Keno.

People called gambling waiters or Keno runners can deliver marked tickets to the Keno lounge and return computerized ones to the players. They also sell the ticket slips.

Before the game, players usually receive markers called Keno crayons, sometimes including colored ones, used to mark the tickets. It makes tracking winning numbers much more efficient.

You can get multi-draw tickets in order to remain in the game while you do something else – the ticket doesn’t close at the end of the game, so you can play with the same numbers for the whole day.

It is simpler to play Keno online than in land-based casinos.