Gambling is mostly done for fun, but in the end everyone dreams of big winnings. So the question that many players ask themselves is: How possible and how positive is it to make a living by gambling professionally?

It’s definitely possible. You can not only make a living, and but also earn quite a lot, up to $100k per year or more. You can do it without cheating, as long as you choose the right game, start with a relatively big bankroll, and have a lot of initiative, smarts and talent.

Games with negative expectations are impossible to use for making a living. They include slot machines, craps, baccarat, keno, roulette, blackjack (except if you count cards) and video poker (except when you have a perfect payout chart and play perfectly). It isn’t a full list of those games, but it includes all of the most popular ones.

The only games in which it’s possible to actually earn money regularly are the ones where you can get an edge. They include betting sports, betting horses and poker, as well as blackjack (with card counting) and video poker (with a perfect payout chart and perfect skills).

You need to be very smart and hardworking to get anywhere. In order to get an edge and positive expectations you absolutely have to to understand probability and odds, and you need to have enough discipline to always follow what you know.

There’s another emotional factor too – you need to be able to handle huge losses, even five-digit ones. It’s a part of the job and and if you cannot keep your cool in such a situation then this job is not for you.