There is a connection between alcohol and gambling, both because of the possibility of addiction without exercising moderation and because of the “coolness” factor.

When you get seduced by the glamour and drink alcohol in a casino, it will end with less careful and less intelligent gambling, and this in turn leads to more losses.

Problems with drinking while playing include (but are not limited to):

• Impaired judgement and attention span. Losing self-control, losing track of time or forgetting your last moves in poker are all a very bad ideas when the consequence might be losing money. It will also be hard to stick to your strategies and plans.
• Your “oops” reflex might be gone or reduced. When you’re sober and make a mistake, your brain will try to fix it and learn from it. After you drink you might not even notice that you made a mistake in the first place, let alone learn anything, until next morning. Not to mention that making mistakes is much more likely when you’re not sober.
• Blurry vision. Your eye muscle coordination will most likely be impaired. That’s very bad especially when cards are concerned – maybe it’s not spades but clubs, and your move should be different?
• Reduction in empathy. It might lead to not picking up behavioral clues from your opponents, such as facial expressions and body language, which can lead to even more mistakes.
• Problem gambling often coexists with problem drinking and they intensify each other in a vicious circle – more gambling leads to more drinking, and the other way round.