The behavioral patterns of gambling are fascinating to researchers. In this article you can read about some studies that were done on the subject and their interesting conclusions.

• Apes are not only able to gamble, but also are really good at it. During the study done by Max Planck Institute, several apes participated in a few betting rounds – they could either choose a tiny piece of fruit or gamble for a big one by picking an upside-down cup out of a few shuffled ones. When more cups were added and choosing one of them got riskier, the apes started choosing the guaranteed piece of fruit.
• Studies done by the Oxford University prove that gambling not only relieves stress, but also can help with post-traumatic stress disorder. The McGill University’s research shows that the cortisol hormone, responsible for anxiety, drops significantly when someone plays online casino games. Gambling lets you forget about stressful situations for a while.
• Winning less poker hands is actually better than winning more, according to Kyle Siller’s analysis of more than 25 million hands. Winning more hands was correlated with losing more money in the long run. It comes from being satisfied with winning a large number of small pots and at the same time losing big pots.