Lottery games are very popular because of their simplicity, but that also means that you cannot influence their outcomes because they’re purely luck-based. There’s no way to make sure that you’re going to win, but there are some ways to more or less slightly improve your chances.

• Choose lottery games with smaller jackpots and fewer people playing. The competition is smaller so your chances are automatically higher.
• According to studies, it’s better to choose your own numbers than to rely on the quick pick by the computer when you buy your ticket.
• Play with lottery tickets that offer huge winnings for the extra number, such as Mega Millions or Power Ball in the United States.
• If you can afford it, play with more tickets than just one. Each ticket with different numbers increases the odds.
• Pooling your money with other people to buy many lottery tickets, for example in the office, is a way to play with more than one ticket without spending extra money.
• It’s a good idea to use wheeling systems because they coverage of more numbers is much better, and therefore so are the odds.