Download versions of online casino games are more popular because they offer more options and are more stable. But your computer might become too full if you download a lot of software from many online casinos, which might even slow it down if it’s an older computer. Even new computers can get cluttered.

It’s a good idea to remove software you don’t use, but you need to know how to go about it. Some players only remove the desktop shortcut icon, which doesn’t actually change anything other than the appearance of the desktop. Others remove the folder with the software, which is also incorrect. When online casino software is installed, its components are played in different folders. The user doesn’t have full control over this process. If you only remove the main folder, you leave all the other components placed elsewhere in the system and they continue to clutter your computer.

Online casino software, just like any other software, should be uninstalled and not deleted. The installation process is mirrored and all the different locations are clean afterwards.

All versions of Windows offer this option. The details vary, but the core of the process is the same. In Control Panel you click Add or Remove Programs. A list of programs, with some details about them, is displayed. After you choose the right program, you click Remove. The computer will ask you to confirm your decision. Once you do, the software will be uninstalled.