Blackjack is very popular among online casino players. There are many versions of this game with different rules and strategies, so that everyone can choose something for themselves or experience some variety. Perfect Pairs is one of the variations. It’s played like regular blackjack, except with an additional feature – a side bet made on Perfect Pairs. The bet wins when the player is dealt a pair for the first two cards. In the base game the objective is getting a hand as close to 21 as possible without busting, and beating the dealer with the hand value.

If an Ace is shown by the dealer as the first card, there’s an option to take insurance. Extra bets can be placed by players on each hand in play. The payouts are different for different types of pairs, if you get any in the initial deal. The same suit and the same value on both cards is a Perfect Pair. A mixed pair and a colored pair have lower payouts.

The dealer has to hit on a soft 17. It makes the game more beneficial for the player. The extra payouts from the side bet make it even more profitable, so no wonder it’s becoming a very popular version of blackjack. In some casinos players can bet on multiple hands at the same time, which further increases their chances. It’s important to pay attention to the bankroll, so that the side bet can be placed every time.