Roulette can be very engaging, so it’s quite easy to keep playing even when you can’t afford it. It’s very important to take the right steps to avoid that. The following advice mostly applies to land-based casino players.

Do some research and choose a good table. The best ones will offer European roulette, and the house edge is going to be as low as 1.35% on even-money bets. Having a $25 minimum bet is also good. This tables are quite rare, but they’re worth looking for. An important thing to remember is that no matter how low the house edge is in roulette, the casino will still always win in the long run.

Take advantage of a reward system. Your activity will be tracked by the casino on a plastic card you swipe when you play. By playing roulette you will accumulate comps slower than in games with higher house edge, such as slots, so you’ll need to wait a bit longer for your rewards. But it’s definitely still worth it, and the system is free to join anyway.

Manage your bankroll well. Choose how much you spend per bet – for example if you have $1000 and plan to play for 5 hours, you can only bet $200 an hour, which is about $5 per spin. Remember that you cannot control the outcomes. Leave the game when you become upset, overly excited or drink too much.

Focus on having fun. Think of gambling as any other type of entertainment you pay money for. The more fun you have watching a movie, the more it was worth the money you spent on it. Same with roulette and other casino games.