Disputes usually happen regarding wagering requirements tied to bonuses and payments being withheld. Reading terms and conditions carefully before you play is essential. But if you did that and you still cannot avoid a dispute, the system of resolving them is transparent. You need to take specific steps in order for it to work smoothly.

• Write the casino by email, fax and/or post about the dispute with all the relevant details, such as your name, login, the exact time when the problem occurred, the game title, and all the information about what happened. You don’t have to keep it short, but it needs to be clear.
• Contact customer support, preferably via live chat. Keep the transcripts. Avoid being rude because it might get you blacklisted. If you’re not satisfied with the response, contact the manager of the casino. If they ask you for extra time to resolve the dispute, make sure that it’s confirmed in writing and contact them again if the time has passed and nothing got done.
• If the above steps didn’t succeed, you can contact the external auditor of the casino, such as eCOGRA. Send them all the details about the original dispute and what the casino did about it. It will take some time to get a final response because they need to hear out the casino and check all the evidence.
• If it still didn’t work, you can write watchdog organizations, such as Casino Meister. They intervene on behalf of the players, often successfully. Online casinos don’t want to be declared rogue by them.

If none of the above brings any results, the watchdog organization will post a warning about the casino, but you can’t do anything else. Move on to another casino, but this time be more careful when choosing.