It is possible to win a lot in casinos, sometimes it’s even possible to keep winning for a long time, but in the end you are going to lose because ultimately the odds cannot favor you forever. You need to be prepared for a losing streak and know how to deal with the possible frustration.

Your mentality is the key. Expecting to lose every time you play will make it easier when you actually lose, and more fun when you win. It might not be a very enjoyable mindset, but it’s a realistic one – house edge in casinos always makes losing more likely than winning.

If you’re having a losing streak, you can try to play a different game instead, especially a different type of game. Strategy-based games (such as blackjack) can be replaced by purely luck-based games (such as slots), and vice versa. It obviously can’t improve your luck, but it can lessen your frustration and make playing more fun.

Reducing your stakes is a good idea too, because you’ll be at least losing less money, which leads to less frustration. You can also play longer, which gives you more chances to end your losing streak before you need to stop playing. And even if you still end up losing, you got more entertainment time for the same amount of money.

The simplest but also the most important strategy of dealing with frustration is to take a break from casino games as soon as you start feeling frustrated. It’s easy to start acting irrationally and chase losses when you keep playing, which can only lead to more losses. If you think that even taking a break doesn’t help with your frustration, you might need to consider quitting gambling altogether.