When you’re only starting your adventure with online casinos, you might not have enough knowledge to pick from the long list of games. There are many factors that can influence your decision, and without considering them your experiences are not going to be that great.

Every game has a risk to reward ratio. There are games that offer different bets with different ratios. For example in roulette the evens bet comes with a low risk, but also low reward, while the straight-up bet comes with a higher reward and proportionately higher risk. Slots work similarly, with high-volatility games that offer huge jackpots, as well as smaller jackpots in low-volatility games.

Your level of skill and willingness to learn is another factor. Video poker or blackjack require a lot of learning and practice, while roulette or slots don’t need any special strategies. Skill-based games will offer potentially higher payouts than luck-based games. In the end it comes down to what type of gaming you enjoy the most.

You also need to choose between the atmosphere of a classic casino versus a modern one. If you prefer the former, table games or video poker will be for you. If the latter is your thing, you can pick video slots, scratch cards or parlor games. Both kinds of games can be equally enjoyable, but it comes down to individual preferences.