Casinos first and foremost want you to spend money. If you’re not careful about your time, loss and win limits, you can easily fall in the following traps.

• Free drinks make you less responsible and more distracted. The money spent on the drinks comes back when drunk players make wrong decisions.
• When you can’t tell if it’s night or day because there’s no windows, and when there’s no clocks, you lose track of time. If you can’t control the time, it’s essential to set how much you plan to lose or win, and stop playing after that. It’s also good to sometimes go outside.
• Getting a free room doesn’t usually specify how much you need to play for it, which means that you play a lot more than is actually necessary.
• Joining a player’s club is a good thing, but altering your playing style to climb to the next level is not.
• Some bonuses depend on how much you play. Compare the amount of money you lose per hour on average, how long you need to play, and how much the prize is worth. It’s best to participate if you’re going to play anyway.
• Doing a spin on a slot machine in order to win a car or a $1 million or higher progressive jackpot feels like buying a lottery ticket. But then you’re likely to keep playing, and end up losing a lot and winning nothing.
• The chance of meeting celebrities during a celebrity poker tournament makes people join in for a few games even if they wouldn’t otherwise.
• Paper tickets instead of coins used in slot machines mean that you’re less likely to cash out very small amounts of money and instead try another spin. These amounts add up.