Craps is a very popular game among casino fans. You roll dice across a big table, and all around you there are staff people and other players. The whole scene is very lively and fun, so it’s obvious that quite a lot of movies, including Hollywood ones, would include scenes where people are playing craps.

“Guys and Dolls”

The “Guys and Dolls” movie was released in 1955. The movie takes place in New York in the 1940s, when illegal gambling was a big thing. Marlon Brando plays a craps high roller. There is a romance storyline that ends with marriage and includes the famous song “Luck Be a Lady”.

“The Big Town”

“The Big Town” was released in 1987, but it takes place in the 1950s. Matt Dillon plays a lucky craps shooter who comes from a small town. In Las Vegas he wants to become a professional player and wins a huge amount of money. There is also a romance storyline. The craps scenes are great, and so is the ending of the movie.

“Hard Eight”

The title itself is a term from the game of craps. Hard Eight is a throw where 8 is achieved by rolling 4 on each of the two dice. You win the Hard Eight bet if you roll High Eight before rolling 8 in another way (such as 3 and 5) or before rolling 7. The movie includes a scene where a character wins the game this way.

“Diamonds Are Forever”

Most James Bond movies include Baccarat, but there are still some with craps, such as “Diamonds Are Forever”. A character named Plenty O’Toole runs a casino to attract high rollers, and James Bond becomes involved undercover in order to catch diamond smugglers.