Whether you want to play slots online or visit a land-based casino, you need to do some research about the games. Some machines have higher payouts than others, going as high as 98%. Here’s how you can choose the right ones.

• The more paylines the better. One payline is the absolute minimum and it means that the slot machine cannot offer the 98% return.
• Even if not all paylines will win, you can still win more than you wager when the machine has special symbols, such as scatter symbols, wild symbols, multipliers and unlock bonuses.
• Progressive jackpot slot machines have high payouts. The casino wants players to keep adding money to the pot – the higher the jackpot gets the more customers will be interested. So higher payouts lead to more people playing, which leads to the progressive jackpot growing, which leads to even more people playing. And in addition to getting better payouts, you actually get a chance to win, let’s say, a million.
• In progressive jackpots you need to play the max bet. It doesn’t mean the amount of money, it only means coins. You can bet with the lowest denomination coins, as long as the number of them is the maximum, which is usually 3.
• In other games max jackpots that are not a progressive jackpots usually don’t increase.