Ante Up 21 has two parts and and you make two bets – one for the Blackjack part and the other one (called the “ante”) for the Poker part. Both need to separately assemble at the table, and the ante bet has 21 as the max limit. It’s a game very popular with players thanks to its entertainment value and good payouts.

After the bet is confirmed, all players deal with two cards. Everyone needs to decide if they want to make a bet, equal to the money they wage on the ante, after they see their cards. If players decide to not lay a wager to the ante, the poker hand is given a penalty. Instead of a conclusion, a Blackjack round begins.

Rules of Ante Up 21 Blackjack, not very different from traditional Blackjack:
 Check of 21 with first rate, or 10 points by showing cards;
 Soft 17 stricken by a dealer;
 Broken Blackjack hands can place bets on Poker;
 Insurance only relevant to the Blackjack/21 wager;
 No concession allowed;
 Only the dealer finishes their Blackjack hand if all players breaks theirs and at least one player is ready with a poker bet.

Rules of Ante Up 21 Poker:
 To succeed, the dealer’s hand needs to be a Q high or enahanced. If not, every player wins some money on their ante wager and moves on to the actual bet;
 No Straights and Flushes, only high cards and pairs;
 Two first cards dealt go to the Poker hand if the player opens their Blackjack hand;

A side bet, called Poker Bonus Edition, can be made too. Normal Poker bet needs to be made as well. For the bonus only the initial cards can be used.

The game might be more suitable when you have a bit more money, because of the two bets, but other than that it can be exciting for everyone.