A lot of people believe in superstitions, such as “never walk under a ladder”. Gamblers are not immune to that either, and many of them surround themselves with a lot of good luck symbols (such as elephants with their trunks up) every time they play.

There are also interesting gambling-specific superstitions, for example:

• Entering a casino through the front doors is extremely unlucky because all the bad luck of everyone who left the place through this door is following you. Always use side doors or back doors for entering.
• In the Asian community of gamblers red means good luck, so it’s a good idea to wear everything in this color.
• Paying with $50 bills brings bad luck. This belief is so widespread that the casino never pays you in $50 bills either.
• Counting your money when playing table games, such as roulette, blackjack or poker, brings bad luck to you and everyone at your table, so always walk away from the game when you want to count.
• Some people end up never washing and always wearing their “lucky clothes” – the ones they wore when they had a winning night. It’s not limited to clothes either – people also intentionally repeat other “winning circumstances”, such as what they ate or what amount of coins they used.
• It’s good luck (if unhygienic) to kiss the slot machine screen before every spin.
• Count to your number of choice every time before spinning.
• Bet with one coin on the first spin, two coins on the second spin and three coins on the third spin. Then back to one.
• If you don’t win anything in the first five spins, move on to a different machine.
• When choosing slot machines, it’s good luck if they’re at the end of the aisle, in the third row and the game needs to have 7 as the main symbol.