Betting is always about predicting a future event that hasn’t happened yet. There would be nothing to bet for if the outcome was already known. But one of the forms od betting is called “future bets”. What does it mean?

A future bet is made 7 to 8 months before the game takes place. It doesn’t happen often and it mostly applies only to predicting who’s going to win in a sports league or other major sports event.

Future bets always come with a money line, which is the amount the player is going to win if they bet $100. Money lines are different in different sports. For example if the money line is +400, you risk $100 to win $400. For smaller bets it gets adjusted. If the bet applies to multiple games for a whole season, there will be multiple money lines.

As rare as future bets are, they’re also hugely popular, especially when it comes to the NFL Super Bowl and the World Cup.

The players observe all the events that can affect the game in a few months, but everything can change after the bet is made. Anything from injuries to coaching changes will affect the outcome. Therefore there are no strategies for making future bets. The only thing you can make sure of is how good the team you bet on is in general. You can also take a risk and possibly win a huge amount of money by picking the underdog – the team no one expects to win.