Video poker is obviously very similar to poker, but the final hand in video poker is compared to the payout table and not to other players. In a way it is poker combined with slots. You play it on a console that resembles a slot machine. It’s a skill-based game.

It’s an exciting game not just for players who play for fun, but also for professional gamblers. Especially when you play with the best strategy on liberal table you have a chance to win big.

Video poker has been in online casinos since the beginning and it’s been evolving and improving the entire time. The first game was Jacks or Better. Introducing wild card – a term known by fans of slots – was the first innovation.

After that came the multi hand variation, which lets gamers play with multiple hands at once. The reason behind that was to make wagering faster and smoother without taking all the steps with each new hand. Microgaming called it power poker and different game titles came with different numbers of hands.

Progressive jackpots, where you win when you get natural royal flush after wagering 5 coins, got introduced because of their general popularity in online casinos.

Different software providers want to make their video poker games unique. For example Cryptologic in Bonus Video Poker did away with discarding cards replaced by the player and instead there’s a bonus payout if they’re dealt again. Level Up from Microgaming is exciting too – four hands represent four levels and if the player wins they can play the higher level.