Blackjack is a complicated game with many rules and lots of different strategies. Therefore some players, especially new ones, don’t pay much attention to etiquette specific to blackjack, but that’s not a good idea when you’re in a land-based casino.

This article lists some behaviors that are good to avoid because they cause the atmosphere to turn unpleasant.

• Touching your cards is not necessary at all because the dealer manages everything for you, and it’s often not allowed because it makes card sharps and cheating easy.
• When you play online, no one knows if you’re rude because no one can hear you. However, in land-based casinos being rude to the dealer, especially cursing at them, will get you in trouble. It’s actually a good idea to tip the dealer, even $5-$10 per hour.
• Don’t berate or criticize other players for playing badly and making wrong decisions. Even if the other players are awful, your winning results are not affected. If you want to give advice to new players, do it politely.
• Land-based casinos may offer free drinks, but getting drunk while playing is a very bad idea. Stop at 2 or 3 drinks at most, otherwise not only your game will be affected, but also other people will not enjoy playing with you.