These facts might be interesting and entertaining to all casino players, both casual ones and professional ones.

1. The interior design of casinos is spectacular and fancy, made to impress everyone. Most casinos have a cheap-looking carpet with very ugly color patterns, though. It’s so that people are motivated to start games. Ceilings in many casinos are simple for the same reason.
2. Monaco, thanks to its casinos in Monte Carlo, gets a lot of rich visitors who want to gamble. There are no airports in Monaco though, so you can only get there by car, train or helicopter. To add even more trivia – Monaco residents don’t pay income taxes, but are not allowed to go to casinos.
3. Richard Nixon, one of the presidents on the United States, won $6,000 in poker games during World War II. Right now it would be about $75,000 because of inflation. He used this money in 1946 to finance his bid for seat in the Congress.
4. Some of the studies of Aristotle, the famous scholar and philosopher from the 4th century BC, were about how to cheat in dice games. It was done to analyze the manipulation of probabilities.
5. Bones of animals used to act as dice – people would guess on which side the bone is going to fall. It became a form of gambling and later got improved with placing marks on the bones, which in the end evolved into the plastic dice we use.
6. Blasé Pascal invented the Roulette wheel in the 17th century, while trying to create a machine of perpetual motion.