Every online casino keeps adding new games regularly in order to keep players excited and interested. But is it possible to have too many games? Microgaming is a very reputable company and a leader on the market. For the last few years they have been adding at least 4 games every month. This can end up being time-consuming and otherwise inconvenient.

Online casinos have this advantage over land-based ones that you can know the games really well. You can try out all the slot games and find out which ones are the most suitable for you and the luckiest. It’s possible to have as much as 85% certainty of winning just by knowing the games well enough. This strategy stops working when a lot of new games are added every month, because it’s not possible to get to know all of them this well.

Another problem with adding too many slot games is that multi-payline video slots start paying out very little with every winning combination. When betting the minimum of 45 cents you might only win a nickel. The attractiveness of these new slots comes from their high quality graphics and plenty of special features, but the payout is totally not worth it unless you bet a lot of money.

Adding new games is important, as long as it’s not this often, and as long as the new games are really worth playing.