Online casino players often wonder if such a thing as “loose slots” actually exists. Some people think that new slot machines offer better payouts so that they attract a lot of players at the beginning. It might seem true, but it’s just a misconception. Random Number Generator is used in all slot games, old ones as well as new ones. There’s no way to make a slot machine loose first and then change it later.

Advertising “the loosest slots” is common among online casinos. It makes new players want to join because they fall for the advert. In reality it’s not true because the way slot games offer payouts can’t change. It’s determined by the payout percentage, which gets verified every time a casino gets audited. The highest percentage means that payouts are more frequent, but it doesn’t mean that winnings are higher.

Slots are purely luck-based and players cannot do anything to increase their chances. The only thing that can be done is choosing slots with the best payouts and percentages according to the pay table. Those are different from loose slots because they’re not changeable, they’re still completely based on the RNG just like all the other games. It’s important to understand that influencing outcomes in any way is impossible, whether it would be done by the casino or by the player.