In addition to online casinos, there are other gambling products, such as online poker and online sports betting.

In online casinos, just like in land-based ones, players don’t wager against each other, only against the house, and only compete with each other in tournaments. The bet is on the outcome of a specific event, such as a roulette spin. The players who are correct, receive the payout. Casinos always have a house edge, which means that individual players can win or lose, but in the long run the casino always retains a specific percentage of all wagers. It’s not cheating, because it’s stated upfront and it’s necessary in order to keep the business running.

Sports betting is similar to online casinos – different outcomes have different odds, and if players guess the correct outcome they get the payout. The difference is that the outcomes are not random. They depend on the performance of contestants. Odds keep changing according to the likelihood of a contestant winning, while in casinos odds are fixed, for example 35 to 1 in the case of roulette numbers. House edge is also factored in.

Online poker is very different because players play against each other. All wagers go in a pot and the winner takes it. A specified part of the money is taken by the poker room. Poker is heavily skill-based, so playing against less skilled players practically guarantees many wins. That’s why it’s not going to happen – only players with similar level of skills get sat together at the same table.