There aren’t any major differences between playing craps online and in a land-based casino, but obviously there are some minor ones.

The playing table looks different online than in reality. First, only the end sections and the middle portion of the table are visible. It comes from the fact that in online craps there’s usually only one player and not multiple ones like in a land-based casino. There are also no employees around your table because everything is done automatically by the software. Even you throwing the dice is more often just a button to click than an actual animated hand making the move.

An online game of craps is much less overwhelming than one in a land-based casino. The crowd of people and all kinds of distractions are not there. You also don’t need to learn the lingo all at once before you even get to roll the dice. Online you can play for free and familiarize yourself with the game before you’re ready to play for money. You get to feel the excitement without the stress and fear of making mistakes.

You can also look at other people playing online before you decide to join. While it is possible to do in a land-based casino too, it’s definitely more difficult.

Obviously playing craps online can also be better because of the general features of online casinos, such as convenience and 24/7 availability from any place.