There are people who believe that they are able to predict dice outcomes by watching a craps game and analyzing patterns. Unfortunately it’s not possible. Even if the shooter wants to get a particular outcome, in the end it’s going to be random. Each roll will be at least slightly different. Looking for a pattern is false reasoning and false hope – no matter how carefully the dice is thrown, the roll is still random.

Instead of believing in patterns, it’s better to trust your bets and the probabilities of specific outcomes. For example, there are three combination in which it’s possible to get the total of 4 when you play with two dice. For the total of 7, there are six combinations. If you know numbers like this, you can have probability on your side and increase your chances of winning. For example, in this case, betting on 7 is better than betting on 4.

Knowing the craps rules very well helps too. Some bets are only available at certain times in the game, and some bets are more beneficial than others (for example pass, don’t pass, don’t come or come, which pay out small but more often).