foto1Playing craps is not as difficult as it seems, and it can be very exciting. The main thing to understand is the Passline bet, where you place your bet in front of the shooter and if the result is seven or eleven you win, and if it’s two, three or twelve you lose.

If the outcome is any other number than the ones above, then it becomes a point number – you win when the number is rolled before a seven, and you lose if seven is rolled before the number. Passline bet is the most basic bet. Casinos provide free lessons if you want to learn more about how to play craps.

Slot machines are very simple – you only need to insert coins into the machine and pull the lever. Despite the simplicity, there are some important things to remember when playing, whether in real life or online. Even when the machines look similar or the same, it’s still essential to read the rules for each of them. You also need to pay attention to how big the bonuses are. Some machines even offer free spins for bonus points.

It’s important to understand the instructions of every slot game you want to play, even if they seem very simple. The goal of playing is to win the jackpot, and need to play on maximum bets if you want to win bonus points or more money.

Always only play with money you’re willing to risk. Casino games can be harmful and addictive, so remember to be responsible and to not get overexcited about winning.