Playing bingo in online casinos is nearly the same as doing it in bingo halls or bingo parlors. The opportunities to win are even better online. Whether you play in person or on the Internet, the same strategies and rules apply, which means that most of the same mistakes can be made too. This article lists some that you need to remember to avoid.

• The most basic mistake is not calling “Bingo” after you get the last number you need. You are not officially a winner until you do it. If multiple people call “Bingo” after the same number, the prize is split between them.
• A related mistake is to shout “Bingo” not loud enough when you play in person. You won’t get noticed and the caller will proceed to the next number.
• Never tamper with the numbers on your bingo card! For example if the last number you need is 1, but the number called is 7, don’t attempt to make your number look more like 7. It will get you kicked out of the bingo hall.
• Familiarize yourself with the rules of a particular bingo hall or website. The rules from one place aren’t necessarily going to apply to another place.
• When you play in person, you will want to socialize with other players. Do it only during the break and not during the actual game, so that you don’t distract anyone else or yourself.