Online blackjack is a very popular casino game. All big software providers offer multiple versions of blackjack, often more than 10. These different versions come with different rules and strategies.

The Charlie rule is common in online blackjack. It means that the player automatically wins the hand if they get dealt a specific number of cards without busting. Most times it doesn’t matter what cards the dealer has, but in some versions the Charlie rule only works if the dealer doesn’t have a blackjack.

Getting 4 cards dealt and not busting is common, so the Charlie rule starts at 5. A hand with 5 dealt cards, with their value not exceeding 21, is a Five Card Charlie. The house edge gets decreased by about 1.4%. Blackjack’s house edge is usually 0.5%, so a Five Card Charlie makes the return to the player go over 100%, which results in a loss for the casino. That’s why it’s not very common to see it in online casinos. If it appears, then the game usually has other ways to even out the field by taking some other advantages from the player.

The Six Card Charlie rule decreases house edge by 0.16%. It’s good for the player, but it’s also not much of a loss for the casino. This is the rule that is more common, because it lets casino keep some of their profit while still being very attractive to blackjack players. If this rule is in place, it’s good to hit when you have 5 cards, so that you can benefit from it and not have your hand beaten by the dealer.