The number and variety of different casino bonuses is definitely one of the reasons why online gambling is so attractive and fascinating. When you try to improve your chances of winning or when you want to have some more money to wager with so that you don’t have to stop playing just yet, a bonus is the perfect solution. Before you jump in, however, it is very important to find out as much as possible about this type of casino promotion. Bonuses are very varied and each of them comes with its own rules, so the whole concept can feel very complicated and cause some confusion when you are still a beginner. Knowledge lets you use this option responsibly and actually enjoy yourself while you are making some extra money.

The Concept of Casino Bonuses

As the Internet became more and more popular, so did online casinos. Gambling without leaving your house is much more comfortable and cheaper than traveling to a real casino every time you want to spend some time playing roulette, slots or other games, so the number of people who enjoy casino games on the Internet is constantly growing.

With the rise in popularity, however, came a rise in competition. New online casinos and other gambling websites open all the time, which means that players cannot possibly join them all or even try all of them out. As the gamblers get more and more options to choose from, the casino owners have to keep up. In order to attract as many customers as possible and keep them interested, casinos have introduced many different perks and promotions. At the beginning it used to be a marketing advantage over the competitors, but now their existence is standard and expected. It’s only their quality and innovativeness that differs between providers. These features let players save money, win free money or get other advantages. After all, the sites that offer the most benefits for the players are the ones that will look the most attractive and therefore will get the most visitors turn them into loyal customers. Land-based casinos can offer free accommodation or meals, but online ones have players from all over the world so obviously they need to keep it all digital. But that definitely does not mean that what gambling websites can provide is any less exciting or generous. Among the most interesting and popular promotions are casino bonuses.

Some of the most popular types are welcome bonuses (also called sign up bonuses), deposit bonuses, reload bonuses, no deposit bonuses, cash backs, top up bonuses, referral bonuses (also known as “refer a friend”), banking bonuses, free spins, free play bonuses and high roller bonuses.

How to Benefit from Casino Bonuses?

Knowledge about casino bonuses is required when you want to use them to actually increase your profits. There are many tips about how to best benefit from bonuses, and it’s a good idea to keep them in mind.

The first thing you should do when you want to take advantage of the most beneficial casino bonuses is to make sure that you actually do choose the best ones. Do not join a new casino just because you see an advert that makes it seem like a great choice. Browse the website, read all the available information and find out if the bonuses are actually as generous as the ads are saying. Compare different online casinos and only make your choice when you are sure that your decision is the right one. Asking for advice on forums (and other websites such as facebook) is also a good idea, because other players are much more likely than advertisers to be honest about which casino offers the best bonuses. There is no one who knows all the detailed information about a particular website better than a user who has spent a lot of time using it and has personally checked out most of the options, if not all of them. Casinos know about this as well, that’s why “refer a friend” bonuses are a big thing. You can reasonably trust the recommendation of someone with a first hand experience, especially when it’s a friend or an acquaintance (online or in real life) who already has opinions on other issues that you generally agree with.

Familiarize yourself with all the terms and conditions before you agree to receive any bonus. Do not skim over the small print. It usually contains some of the most important information, and ignoring it can lead to a lot of misunderstandings and other conflicts between you and the casino down the line. Make sure to read the terms and conditions frequently as well, because their content can change even from day to day, and therefore a bonus that worked well for you a few weeks ago might not be that good anymore. Make sure that you know if the bonus is cashable or sticky, or what are the excluded games that will not count towards the bonus. It is also good to know what is the maximum bonus, along with other general information about how much money exactly you can receive and in what ways you are allowed to use it.

Finding a casino with convenient payment options that work for you is an aspect that is often forgotten, but that does not make it any less vital. Most online casinos will offer all kinds of possibilities, from electronic banking services to credit cards. But if you find out that you will probably have trouble withdrawing your money because the site does not offer the only payment option you can use, or at least the options that are the most comfortable for you, even a very attractive bonus might be not worth it. The same thing applies to the way you transfer your money to your casino account. Sometimes gambling websites might offer a special bonus attached to a particular payment option, because those service providers fiercely compete with each other as well.

It’s a good idea to keep your documents (such as your driver’s license and credit card) scanned on your computer and be ready to provide them when the casino needs them. When you want to withdraw your winnings, you will most likely have to confirm your identity. Expecting this step and having everything you need at hand makes the process much easier and more comfortable, and that makes casino bonuses more fun for you.

Last but not least, always meeting all wagering requirements is absolutely essential to benefit from any bonuses at all. If you don’t do that, you will not be able to withdraw any money, even if you end up winning a lot.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are restrictions and other rules attached to a bonus. Casinos do not give out money for free to everyone who asks. In order to actually benefit from a bonus, you need to follow all the rules and have the luck that is always necessary to win any games of chance, and therefore any casino games as well. It is not usually possible to receive a bonus from an online casino without any wagering requirements, so it’s extremely important to pay attention to them and familiarize yourself with them.

In order to meet the requirement, you need to wager a specific amount before you are allowed to withdraw any money connected to the bonus. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose when you make those bets – the important part is that you make them. Usually the money you have to wager is the bonus amount multiplied by at least 10. For example, if you receive $20, the wagering requirement will not be lower than $200.

Most casinos will not allow the use of games with a low house advantage for wagering requirements because in the long run they would be at risk of actually losing money. If you want to take full advantage of bonuses, try to find a casino that offers games such as blackjack. The risk for the player is very low, so the final value of the bonus will usually be increased, compared to games with a high house advantage.

If you pay close attention the house advantage (also known as the house edge) in relation to the wagering requirements, and make some calculations accordingly, there is a way in which you can minimize your losses to the point of nearly ensuring that you are going to win at least a small amount of money. It will only work if games with a very low house edge are included in the bonus, which is unfortunately a pretty rare occurrence. Finding a bonus with a positive expected value is the key here. For example, playing blackjack with a correct strategy means that the house advantage can get as low as 1%, which translates to the casino taking $0.01 on average from you every time you wager $1. That means 1000 bets in which you wager $1 would result in an average loss of $10. Without a bonus, the game stays invincible, even if you indeed lose very little. That’s how casinos end up making money in the first place. However, if 1000 blackjack bets come with a $15 bonus, the situation changes completely. After losing $10, you are still left with $5. The calculations always need to include the amount of bonus money you receive and compare it to the amount of money you are expected to lose after you meet all the wagering requirements that are attached to the bonus. For example, you make a $100 deposit and a receive a 100% welcome or match bonus. The wagering requirements are 45 times the sum of the deposit and the bonus money. That means that you cannot cash out before you wager $9,000. If you play blackjack with 1% house advantage (because you consistently use the correct strategy without making any errors), you will end up losing $90 on average. That means that a bonus of $100 is a way for you to practically be sure that you are actually going to win (at least) $10 in the end.

Wagering requirements usually come with additional conditions. A maximum cap on a single wager you are allowed to make is often one of them. For example, you might only be able to bet $5 per spin in a slot game until all the requirements are met, and any winnings you potentially get from a bet higher than that is going to be voided by the casino. There would be two consequences of betting (for example) $10 in one spin – the $10 would not count toward the wagering requirement at all, and in addition to that the player would not actually have their credit increased if they end up winning anything. This rule is in place because it keeps wagering requirements what they are intended to be – a way for the casino to make sure that in the end it will make a profit. For example, if a player deposits $100 and gets a 100% match bonus, and they have to wager the sum of the deposit and the bonus 15 times to meet the wagering requirements, they could just keep wagering $200 until the requirement is met, which would mean finishing the whole process in 15 spins. This would be far too risky for an online casino because the player would be more likely to end up winning. When the maximum allowed bet is just a few dollars, the player has to spin a few hundred times, which helps the casino. House advantage (also called house edge) is a process that explains this – in the long run the players are expected to lose a specific percentage of all their wagers, for example 1%, 5% or much more, depending on the game. A maximum bet ensures that the player enters the “long term wagering” and therefore will be more likely lose this specific amount. Of course very lucky players will still end up winning big – house edge is only an average.

Be very careful to make sure that you did indeed meet all the wagering requirements. In some casinos, if you attempt to withdraw money before the requirements are met, you will end up not being allowed to withdraw anything at all, with the exception of your initial deposit. It’s essential to keep track of your gaming activity so that you have no doubts that the withdrawal is not made early. For example, you can use Excel or Google spreadsheet for the purpose of tracking how much you bet.

Sticky vs. Cashable Bonuses

In addition to wagering requirements, there might be other limits that regulate how you can withdraw your winnings. If you do not pay attention to them, you might meet all the requirements and still not be able to benefit from the bonus as much as you would want to, or at all. The categories of sticky and non-sticky (cashable) bonuses usually refer to sign up (welcome) bonuses.

The difference between these types is that a sticky bonus can be used to bet with but cannot ever be withdrawn. In fact, if you attempt to withdraw it, it will be removed from your balance. It is one of the reasons why reading all terms and conditions is absolutely essential. Sometimes casinos might be ambiguous about the information they provide, so you might want to watch out for phrases such as “for wagering purposes only”. It’s also a good idea to visit websites that provide casino guides to help you understand which gambling websites provide which types of bonuses.

A cashable (non-sticky) bonus can be withdrawn together with your winnings after the wagering requirements are met. It does not necessarily make a sticky bonus less profitable because casinos make up for this rule by giving players more money to bet with, even as much as 400% of your deposit. As long as you do not withdraw the sticky bonus money, it can be very beneficial for you and bring you some big winnings that you can withdraw at any point. After all, in most cases, the more you are able to wager, the more you can win. So in the long run it will not even matter than the bonus money itself is not actually yours in the end.

Casino Bonuses and Currency Differences

Online casinos, as opposed to land-based ones, are open to people from all over the world. In some places there may be legal limitations which don’t let people from this particular region gamble at all, but generally in the vast majority of online casinos you will find players from many different countries. It makes online gambling even more exciting, but at the same time it also brings some problems that need to be solved. One of the main issues is currency. Gambling websites usually offer bonuses in at least three currencies for the customers to choose from: dollars (USD), euro (EUR) and pounds (GBP). But how do you deal with the fact that the real world value of different currencies will never be the same? And what do you do about the exchange rates that constantly fluctuate?

There are two different ways in which online casinos solve this problem. Usually the amounts of bonus money will be rounded up or down to make a number that looks nice in advertising. For example, 100 USD will equal approximately 70 GBP or 75 EUR, and that’s how many credits the players will get when they receive a bonus. That means that even huge changes in exchange rates do not affect this system at all because the numbers stay the same in order to remain round.

However, this solution causes another problem. If 1 GBP credit is worth more than 1 USD credit, it is unfair to players who will end up having to spend more money. Therefore some casinos offer a different way of dealing with this discrepancy. When the numbers are numerically identical (for instance, everyone gets a 100 and it doesn’t matter if it is USD, GBP or EUR), the players who have to wager more are also those with the highest bonuses. In a way, every group of players receives the same amount of money, even though the actual value of the bonuses is very different.

Welcome Bonuses (Sign Up Bonuses)

The first bonus you will encounter when you begin your exciting adventure with online gambling is the welcome bonus, also known as the sign up bonus. As indicated by the name, you receive it simply for signing up as a new player. You can only get it once. Both deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses can be offered to newly registered players.

The welcome bonus can be one of the most beneficial bonuses you will encounter in a casino, as long as you know how to use it and what steps to take in order to actually benefit from it. Every new member who deposits at least the minimum amount of money to their online casino account is eligible for this bonus. Usually it’s only about $50 or $100, so taking advantage of this option is not expensive.

Sign up bonuses are usually a high percentage of the deposit you make. For example, a 100% welcome bonus for $200 means that you will receive an extra $200 to play with.

As exciting as welcome bonuses can be, it is important to also look at other aspects of the casino. It is quick and easy to choose the website you want to use because it offers the most generous sign up bonus, but it isn’t always the smartest choice. Sometimes when things seem too good to be true, it’s because they actually are. Very attractive welcome bonuses that entice you to join might only be there because all the other services offered by this particular casino are not very good quality. Of course a reputable casino can offer large bonuses too, but you should always make sure that it is the case. Pay attention to other bonuses and promotions as well – in the long run it’s more beneficial for you to receive a small sign up bonus and a large amount of rewards from other sources. After all, it is a bonus you can only get once, which means that the ones meant for loyal customers (such as reload bonuses or cash backs) have more bearing on how much the casino will actually give you. Along with bonuses, loyalty programs should be considered as well. They usually let you accumulate points and redeem them for cash, and they do that without any wagering requirements. A big sign up bonus is often a good start, but you need to make sure that the rest of journey is equally good as well.

Deposit Bonuses

Deposit bonuses, also called match bonuses, are often a type of welcome bonuses because they are usually one-time offers that are only available to newly registered players. That doesn’t always have to be the case, though. Some deposit bonuses are available on a regular basis or are offered as special promotions.

The idea is very simple and straightforward. As the name suggests, a deposit bonus is directly related to how much money you add to your account. You receive a percentage of it, often 100% or less, but sometimes it can even be 200% or more. For example, a 50% bonus when you deposit $100 means that you will receive $50 from the casino, which gives you $150 to use for wagering. Deposit bonuses usually come with a minimum amount you have to deposit to access them. Usually it’s very low, for example $20 or $30.

It’s important to remember that deposit bonuses as high as 500% or 1000% should be regarded as suspicious, even (or especially) when they are tempting and seem very attractive. There might be three different types of problems with those bonuses. The casino might be rogue (not reputable), which means that the offer is not clear, not honest, or not even real at all. If you run a background check and the casino turns out to be reputable, there can be other questionable things: either the wagering requirements or the minimum check out amount can be too high for you to afford. Both of these issues can render it impossible for you to actually benefit from the bonus if you cannot reach the necessary amount. Sometimes a very high bonus can be legitimate and mostly affordable, though. If they exist, they are usually available only for slot games, scratch cards and other games with a very high house advantage.

The biggest advantage of deposit bonuses is that they are much higher than no deposit ones. Doubling or otherwise multiplying your initial bankroll is a very strong incentive. It gives players a reason to actually wager some of their own money instead of relying on no deposit bonuses which are essentially gifts provided by the casino. Deposit bonuses are also much more common because they are less susceptible to players abusing them – you cannot create multiple accounts and try to grab more bonuses than you are entitled to (which some people who cheat do with no deposit bonuses) without also making deposits.

Reload Bonuses

The point of a reload bonus is to reward loyal customers, and to keep them satisfied and coming back for more. Getting new customers is not enough for an online casino – existing players continuing to use their account and adding more money is crucial to success. Therefore reload bonuses are awarded as the player deposits more money into their casino account. In order to be eligible for a reload bonus you have to have deposited money to your casino account before – you cannot “reload” something you have never used, after all. The promotion is often open to everyone, but sometimes it can be available only to a specific group of players. Reload bonuses are often used to remind people who have abandoned the casino that it still exists, and to give them an incentive to start playing again. Sometimes those are even the only people who have the possibility of receiving the bonus in the first place. Getting an email that says you are going to get extra money if you just continue wagering on the website you used to frequent in the past can be very convincing. On the other hand, in many casinos the more often you play and the more money you leave in the casino, the bigger reload bonuses will be available to you. Another, albeit not very common, use of reload bonuses is to celebrate the customers’ birthdays – only on this special day they can receive the extra money if they choose to make a deposit. Sometimes regular days can be made special by the casino as well – if a reload bonus randomly appears on a day when it was unexpected, players are much more likely to make a deposit even if they didn’t plan to do it before, and at the same time are rewarded for visiting and using the casino website every day.

Reload bonuses are a type of deposit bonuses, except they focus on loyal customers and therefore are ongoing (not one-time). They are usually very straightforward – the player deposits a specified amount of money per month and every time receives a specified amount of credits from the casino. However, it is possible for those bonuses to be tied to a particular method of payment, which means that the bonus money is only awarded to the players who reload using this method. If you want to benefit from these bonuses, it’s essential that you know all the terms and conditions before you decide which payment method you are going to use.

Sometimes a reload bonus is a part of a welcome package that you receive when you first register your account at the online casino website. It means that the original welcome bonus you get as a brand new player will be followed by more deposit bonuses when you remain a customer and continue to play. Sometimes only a second bonus is awarded, but in other cases it can be as many as four. It might be necessary to know and enter a special bonus code in order to receive the bonus money. A reload bonus that goes together with a sign up bonus can sometimes mean that in order to receive the full amount of bonus money you will need to keep reloading your account at least a few times. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, though, because it also means that a welcome bonus that works like this can be much more generous than a regular one. The only important part is to know what the rules and restrictions are before you start participating, so that you don’t expect something you are not actually going to receive.

Your status as player determines if you qualify for reload bonuses. For example, new players will qualify for the welcome package, while other active players are either automatically included or need to join a program that lets them earn reload bonuses. An invitation by email is also a way to be eligible for a reload bonus. It applies to people who haven’t been playing for a while, since the casino wants to “re-activate” them.

A reload bonus doesn’t usually have a maximum, but it always has a minimum. It can also have a time limit. All of these conditions are different in different casinos, so you need to familiarize yourself with all the rules. Some reload bonuses are a percentage of the deposit, while others are flat. These options affect the choices that you should make in order to earn as much bonus money as possible. For example, if there is a weekly reload bonus with a minimum of $50 and the flat amount you receive is $5, it’s a better decision to deposit $50 every week than to deposit $200 once a month. On the other hand, if the monthly reload bonus is 10% on the first deposit you make that is bigger than $50, choosing to deposit $200 at the beginning of the month is much more beneficial.

Wagering requirements for reload bonuses are usually pretty high, for example 30 or 40 times the bonus amount. Same as with all the other kinds of casino bonuses, reading and understanding all the terms and conditions is essential and prevents you from encountering withdrawal restrictions when you win and want to cash out.

Among all the types of casino bonuses that are available, a reload bonus is one of the best choices. First of all, if you want to be an active casino player, you are going to deposit money regularly whether you get rewarded for it or not. So it is much better to take advantage of the opportunity to get rewarded for something that you would do anyway. Make sure that you claim the bonus every time you make a deposit, if it is a possibility. Another advantage of reload bonuses is that they are ongoing. A lot of players joins a casino because of a particularly attractive welcome bonus, without paying attention to other aspects. The truth is that a generous reload bonus, or even a medium-sized one that keeps coming regularly, brings in a lot more money in the long run than even the biggest sign up bonus. It is great to benefit from both, but if the choice is between a good sign up bonus and a decent reload bonus, the latter is more important, at least if you plan to keep playing in the same casino for a longer while. Reload bonuses can be beneficial even for players who only gamble for fun – after all, if the money you deposit is worth more than it normally would be, you will end up playing longer without having to stop early because you have run out of credits.

No Deposit Bonuses

New players who have just registered as members of an online casino can sometimes receive no deposit bonuses. Casinos give them out as a reward for providing personal details in the registration form, but most importantly they do it to make the new customers excited and more likely to stay and play with real money. As the name indicates, no deposit bonuses do not require the player to make any deposit. They are usually much smaller (and therefore seemingly less attractive) than deposit bonuses, but they can be beneficial nonetheless. If a no deposit bonus is offered to you, first make sure that you know all the terms and conditions and agree to them. If everything is fine, always claim the bonus even if you think it’s so small that it’s not worth it. Free money is always a good thing, after all, even if it’s not as much as you would get if you made a deposit. No deposit bonuses are usually only $10 or $20, compared to hundreds of dollars you can get when you choose a deposit bonus. Sometimes the reward you receive is not bonus money – free spins come also in the form on of a no deposit bonus.

A player who gets a no deposit bonus has the opportunity to get to know the online casino and the games it offers without investing anything and without risking any losses. You can come to the site and simply start playing, without spending a lot of time thinking if this particular casino is worth spending your money on and if you can trust it. That’s why no deposit bonuses can be an excellent form of advertising for casinos – customers are much more likely to start playing if they do not have to spend any money at all. And if the service is high quality and the variety of game titles is interesting, at least some of the new players will be very satisfied and end up staying, depositing actual money and continuing to contribute to the online casino for years to come. A no deposit bonus can also attract people who are already loyal to their casinos of choice and are not looking for a different gambling website. They are not very likely to try any other casinos if they had to spend even a small amount of money, but they might be curious enough to join and play using only the free money received from the no deposit bonus. That’s how they can find out that the new casino they just joined is even better than the one they have been playing in up to now. That lets them make the informed decision to switch online casinos or at least to play in both of them from now on. In the end, the entire point of no deposit bonuses is to turn visitors into paying customers.

As attractive as no deposit bonuses might seem, it is crucial to remember that they are not actually free money that the casino is giving you with no strings attached – it is a business after all, which means that it cannot do anything that in the long run would not result in making a profit. Just like casino bonuses in general, no deposit bonuses are subject to wagering requirements, which in this case can be very high and strict. Sometimes there is a time limit instead – for example, you need to spend the entire amount of the bonus money within an hour. Time limits can also go together with wagering requirements – you need to make 100 spins in an hour, for instance. It is also possible that without eventually making a deposit you might not be able to cash out any winnings that you have earned from playing with the money you got as a no deposit bonus.

The typical process of receiving a no deposit bonus goes like this: You download and install the casino software. As you register a real money account, you might need to enter a special code in order to receive the bonus. In most cases the no deposit bonus is added to your account automatically, though, so you do not have to contact the casino or do anything else about it. When you see the bonus money in your account, you start playing the games that this particular bonus is eligible for. If the winnings you have generated while playing are higher than the original bonus, you check if you have met all the wagering requirements (and any potential deposit requirements) and therefore if you are allowed to withdraw the winnings. If you did, you can safely cash out. If any requirements are not met, you will need to continue playing and winning before you will be able to withdraw what you have won.

No deposit bonuses are not very common because it is relatively easy for players to abuse them and receive money they are not entitled to, for example by registering many fake accounts and grabbing the welcome no deposit bonus for each of them. Casinos have a lot of measures in place to protect themselves from this kind of activity, though. For example, sometimes only one account per household is allowed, not just only one account per person. The same home address, email address and credit card number cannot be used, or have been used in the past, by anyone other than this specific player. There are systems that check for duplicates all the time – if one is found, both (or all) accounts are permanently banned and the person cannot become a member of this casino again.

Cash Back Bonuses

As much as you wish you could keep winning forever, when you play any games of chance it is inevitable to lose at least every once in a while. That’s where a cash back bonus comes in handy. It’s a percentage that you are awarded according to your net losses in a particular game or during a specified amount of time. These bonuses work as a cushion and make it possible for you to take more risks because, even if you end up losing, at least some of the money you wagered isn’t lost forever. They don’t usually lead to big winnings, but they definitely make the time spent in the online casino more enjoyable and profitable because they protect you from big losses. Each casino website has a different system of cash back bonuses, but the amount is usually between 5% and 25%. Usually cash backs are credited on the account as bonus money, but in some cases (usually in the case of VIP reward plans or loyalty programs) they can also be granted as real money.

If cash back bonuses are attached to a specific game, they encourage the gamers to play it, and make it more enjoyable because there is less risk involved. This type is not very common, though. The majority of cash back bonuses are attached to a specified time period, for example a day, a week or a month. Most of the time cash backs are subject to limits that regulate how much money a player can receive.

A few example situations can explain how exactly cash back bonuses work in different circumstances: If the casino offers a 5% cash back for playing a particular game, and you bet $100 and end up losing all of this money, you will receive 5% of the entire amount back, which means $5. If the casino has a 5% cash back for the daily loss on a particular day, and you start the day with $100 and end it with $200 (it doesn’t matter what happens and how much you win or lose in between), you are not eligible to receive any cash back money at all because you actually have a net profit. If there is a 25% cash back up to the maximum of $50, and you have lost $300, the cash back you receive will only be $50 because you cannot be rewarded more than the max amount.

Usually you don’t have to do anything in order to qualify for a regular cash back bonus because the program is automatic. Sometimes you will need to opt in and/or ask the casino cashier to get the bonus, but the option is open to all players. However, in order to access a cash back with real money you will probably have to participate in a loyalty program or be a VIP member of your casino of choice.

Before you sign up for a cash back bonus, make sure that it would actually be beneficial for you. For example, if you need to wager more than you normally would in order to receive it, you need to consider if risking the extra money is worth it. It’s also a good idea to think if other aspects of the bonus, such as the time it takes the casino to pay it out (for instance, every month or every week), suit you as well. If you are interested in earning cash back bonuses every time you play, make sure that the casino offers them as full-time options. Some websites treat cash backs as temporary special offers, and only provide them for a limited amount of time or for a very small number of games. These promotions can be very attractive as well, but you need to keep in mind that they are not there to stay and might not be available anymore the next time you play.

Cash backs are among the bonuses that you will encounter the least frequently. It’s because other types of bonuses usually get the player to do more active wagering right away, while cash back bonuses are based on the player’s past actions and do not guarantee any income for the casino in the future, other than meeting the wagering requirements. Obviously a player who receives cash backs will want to keep receiving them, so the incentive to spend more money is definitely still there, but in theory it’s smaller. Cash back bonuses do exist in land-based casinos as well, but the more common form of rewarding loyal customers is to offer them free meals, free accommodation or other real-life perks instead of money.

Just like other types of casino bonuses, cash backs (with the exception of the real money ones) are subject to wagering requirements. They vary from casino to casino, but usually they will be lower than those attached to a reload bonus or a deposit bonus. Sometimes you will need to wager only as little as 1 time the bonus amount, but it can also go as high as 10 times. Generally, the higher the bonus is, the more money you need to wager in order to claim it. To find out what exactly the wagering requirements are (along with all the other rules that relate to the cash back bonus you are interested in), you need to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the casino, especially the fine print.

Top Up Bonuses

Top up bonuses work exactly like cash back bonuses, except they are reversed. You do not receive the bonus money as a compensation for your losses, you receive it on top of your winnings. Everything else works the same: the amount of is also a percentage, the bonus can apply to a certain game or to a certain period of time, and in addition to bonus credits it’s also possible for top up bonuses to be granted as real money. The percentage is usually lower – about 5% to 10%. Top up bonuses can go together with cash back bonuses, and quite often do so.

Referral Bonuses

Existing players of an online casino receive referral bonuses (also known as “refer a friend” bonuses or “tell a friend” bonuses) when they recommend the casino to friends or acquaintances and convince them to register as a member. It is required for the new member to make a deposit (often there is also a minimum amount that has to be deposited) before the existing member can benefit from the bonus at all. They also need to provide your screen name or real name when they sign up, in the field in the registration form that asks how they heard about the casino or who recommended it to them. In some cases it is also possible that a referral link they use will already contain this information. Sometimes the friend also needs to start playing and spend at least some of the money they have deposited in the casino. The person cannot be anyone who has already been registered as a member of this specific online casino. Normally a referral bonus is automatically added to your existing casino account as soon as the person you have referred has met all the requirements.

Refer a friend bonuses are a way for casinos to attract new customers and from the first moment keep them interested. After all, the person recommends the online casino is a friend or at least an acquaintance, which means that there is an existing relationship between the two people. This usually indicates either trust or at least common interests. Therefore if someone who usually has a similar taste in entertainment says that this particular online casino is a lot of fun and asks you to join it, you are much more likely to actually join than if you only saw the same casino being advertised on the Internet or in other media. Worth of mouth advertising is one of the most effective ways to get new customers for any type of business, and online gambling websites are not an exception. People are also more sure that they want to participate in something that has proven to be not just enjoyable but also safe. And there is no better way to find that out for sure than to listen to the recommendation of someone who has tried the website in question and has only had positive experiences when using it. This way you can rest assured that the service provided by the casino will be top notch, and that time you spend there will be enjoyable as well. Because of the exceptional effectiveness of this method of advertising, online casinos take it very seriously and reward it in a way that is usually quite generous.

The amount you will receive per one friend who has joined the casino thanks to you usually ranges from $20 to $100. There can be a limit that regulates how many people you can refer, but it doesn’t have to be the case. If there is a maximum cap, the limit will either apply to your account as a whole (which means that after you have referred the maximum number of people, you cannot receive the bonus at all anymore) or to a specific amount of time (for example, there is a max number of friends you can refer per month, but the next month you can start from scratch). The second option is more popular. Not having any limits or any maximum cap is also an option that you can often encounter, though. After all, the more new customers come, the better the casino will do as a business. So the more people you bring, the more the website is happy to reward you.

The friend who just joined the casino usually gets some benefits just by being referred by an existing member as well. So whether you’re inviting someone or you’re on the receiving end of the invitation, it is usually a good idea to check out what the “refer a friend” bonus that you stumbled upon has to offer. Sometimes both parties receive the same amount of bonus money, sometimes the existing member gets more but the new one is also rewarded, and sometimes the original member is the only person who benefits from the bonus at all.

The great advantage of referral bonuses is that you have friends with whom, at least most of the time, you have many interests in common. That means that you will probably end up chatting to each other about online gambling whether there are any bonuses related to this activity or not. Talking to friends about your hobbies, either in person or online, is enjoyable in and of itself. So if you talk about your favorite online casinos either way, why not find a way to get rewarded for it? That’s where referral bonuses come in. You don’t need to change anything that you normally do in order to effortlessly get some more money to play with. You simply recommend your favorite casino to all the people you would recommend it to anyway, because their preferences are very similar to yours, and because when you find something exciting you happily tell your friends about it. Referral bonuses are especially suitable for people who don’t want to or don’t have time to find other kinds of bonuses and prefer to focus on just playing and having fun. The friends will keep coming and earn the bonus money for you without you doing anything, other than having regular everyday conversations.

Another advantage for the player that is worth considering is the fact that many online casinos provide private rooms in which you can play with your friends. If there are no people you know on the website, this function will not be of any use for you. But if you use the “refer a friend” bonus, you will not just get some extra credits, you will also be able to share the online gambling fun directly with the people you already spend a lot of time with in other circumstances. It also works the other way round – if you would invite friends anyway because you want to use the private game feature, why not get a nice bonus along with it?

Banking Bonuses

Banking bonuses exist to encourage players to use alternative payment methods instead of a regular credit card. This type of promotion got invented in response to the negativity that surrounds online gambling when it comes to financial and legal issues. Processing credit card transactions can be difficult, long or downright impossible for many casinos because some governments and other institutions all over the world prevent banks from authorizing payments that look like they have to do with online gambling, or at least impose a lot of regulations on these transactions.

New players who join an online casino will very often try to make their first deposit using a credit card because this is what they are used to everywhere else on the Internet. In many cases this kind of transaction will not go through, which ends up disappointing the player and makes them think that the casino is untrustworthy or broken, and that in turn leads to them never visiting the website again. This situation led to many online casinos offering special bonuses to reward players who choose to not leave and instead start using a different payment method they have not considered before, such as NETeller, myCitadel or Click2Pay.

A banking bonus is most often awarded on top of other bonuses that the player have accumulated. For example, you join a casino and deposit $100 to your account. There is a sign up bonus that is a 100% match of your original deposit. There is also a 20% bonus if you choose to use one of the alternative payment options that the casino wants to promote. As you get both of these bonuses together, the total of your bankroll ends up being $220, which you can use for wagering. Banking bonuses usually come with a max amount cap, so you need to read about all the rules and restrictions attached to the bonus you want to use.

Free Spins

Free spins are a very popular, but slightly different type of bonus. Instead of getting bonus money, you get to play slot games for free for a specified number of spins, usually between 10 and 250. Clicking “Spin” on the slot machine will take no money from your account. If you end up winning real money, it is yours to keep (as long as you meet all the requirements and follow all the rules). Each free spin gives you the chance to win big, in some cases including hitting the jackpot. Free spins are often granted together with a welcome bonus, but you can also receive them in many other situations. For example, if you get casino newsletters on email you will often have the opportunity to get free spins for brand new games that just came out. You may also be rewarded with free spins every once in a while simply for being a loyal customer who sticks around and continues to be an active player.

Usually the automatic setting for free spins is the maximum number of paylines (for example 10) and the smallest coin size (for example 10 cents). Free spins can be available for all or most slot games, but most of the time they will be associated with one specific game. It helps the online casino advertise this particular game (especially if it’s a new title they have just acquired), and it lets the player get to know the game and learn how to play before they decide that it is worth risking actual money. You can get the general feel of the game and see how you enjoy it without any risk, which makes the gambling experience more exciting and less stressful. Sometimes free spins are used to get people to use the mobile version of the casino more often by giving them the bonus only if they play on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) and not on desktop computers or laptops.

Sometimes free spins come as a type of no deposit bonus, which means that you don’t need to spend any money at all in order to get them. Most of the time, however, you get free spins as a deposit bonus. In those cases they can even come with no wagering requirements, which means that you get to keep all the money you win without having to use it to make more bets. There is also another type of free spins bonus that is quite common – you receive a smaller number of spins as a no deposit bonus, and then after you make your first deposit the number of free spins is increased, sometimes significantly (for example 10 no deposit ones and then 100 deposit ones).

Sometimes, in order to claim your winnings, you will have to use up your free spins in a specified time. In most cases it’s an hour. If that’s the case, you will have to make the required number of spins (bets) in the first hour, otherwise you cannot benefit from the bonus and cash out anything that you have won when you were playing. There can be other types of wagering requirements or other limitations as well, so always make sure that you have familiarized yourself with terms and conditions before you decided to receive the free spins. If you cannot meet the requirements, you will not be able to withdraw your winnings, so the bonus will be for nothing. With a lot of restrictions you might also not be very likely to have any winnings in the first place. Just like with other types of online casino bonuses, the wagering requirements for no deposit free spins will usually be much higher than those for free spins that require the player to make a deposit beforehand.

Free Play Bonuses

Free play bonuses closely resemble free spins, especially when it comes to the time limit. The casino gives you a specific number of credits and a maximum time cap. During that time you need to play as much as you can. Generally, just like with free spins, it will be one hour. It’s very important to remember that the time keeps going even if you are not playing. It will not stop even if you log out from the casino or shut down your computer. When the time is up, you get to keep all the credits that you have won, usually along with the original bonus. However, that does not mean that they are now yours to cash out. Instead they become bonus money that is subject to wagering requirements and other restrictions that apply to all other types of casino bonuses. Only after you have followed all of these rules you will be able to cash out your winnings, if there are any left.

A free play bonus doesn’t have much to do with receiving free money to play with, but it is an excellent way to get to know the casino nonetheless. The bonus can apply to more than one game, which means that you can choose the games you enjoy the most. That works as an incentive to get you to eventually become a paying customer, if you are satisfied with the service and are having a good time. Free play bonuses can be offered as a no deposit bonus, so you can actually play entirely for free, without spending or risking any of your own money. Withdrawing your winnings is the only part of the process that is not completely free in the end.

High Roller Bonuses

Just like every business that wants to make a profit, online casinos love the players who bring the most money. All customers are valuable, and the amounts of money left by the “smaller” ones accumulate as well, but so-called high rollers are still among the most cherished people who frequent gambling websites. Therefore casinos make sure to encourage as many people as possible to become high rollers. And when a casino needs a really good incentive and a marketing tool that will get a lot of customers to do something, they will usually use a bonus. High roller bonuses reward those players for giving the casino a lot of cash, while also giving them a way to quickly build their bankrolls and to be able to continue playing this way.

High roller bonuses usually target professional gamblers. Those players will leave a lot of money in the casino not just by playing normal games, but also by joining exclusive tournament events where the stakes are very high, but so are the winnings. Even though a lot of professional players only play poker, there are also many who prefer regular casino games, especially slots. Huge progressive jackpots offer a chance to become a millionaire in just a few seconds, after all.

A high roller bonus is simply a type of a regular deposit (match) bonus, a reload bonus or a welcome (sign up) bonus. However, there is a big difference as well, because high roller bonuses are not available to regular members. It’s only fair that if you deposit huge amounts of money, you also get larger bonuses than everyone else. You can become a high roller as soon as you join an online casino, as long as the first deposit you make is big enough. The amount you need is at least $500, and usually it’s $1000 or even more than that. If you do not reach the necessary amount, you cannot qualify for a high roller bonus, but of course you can still receive other casino bonuses that are available to you at that point. Most bonuses for high rollers are a 100% match, but they can be even bigger, which means that in the end very large amounts of money are involved.

Wagering requirements are obviously attached to high roller bonuses in the same way they are attached to all other types of casino bonuses, except in this case they are usually much higher. At the same time, though, the required amount is usually not a problem for people who can afford a high roller status in the first place. So, paradoxically, it’s easier for high rollers to meet very large wagering requirements than it is for other players to meet smaller ones.

Examples of Bonus Offers in Reputable and High Quality Online Casinos

If you want to start you adventure with online casino bonuses, you need to make sure that the websites you pick are reputable and trustworthy. In the end nothing will ever be as effective as doing your own research, but here is a list of some interesting and exciting bonuses available in online casinos that you can enjoy safely. There are many different kinds of bonuses in this example collection (including various types of games, software provides and platforms), so you will probably be able to find something that works for you personally and suits your specific needs.

First of all, the most exciting information. Riviera Play Casino has an exclusive special offer for all users of New players will not only receive €10 for free as a no deposit bonus, but also can get 300% up to 3000€ as a deposit bonus. The variety of games in which you can use this bonus money is very large and includes slots, scratch cards, bingo, video poker, keno, blackjack and craps. All the titles you will be able to play come from reputable software providers who are leaders in the field – BetSoft, Rival, iSoftBet and Vivo Gaming. This amazing and very generous bonus is available for every new player who opens their account at Riviera Play Casino through our website – No bonus code is necessary to receive it.

Miami Club Casino that uses the WGS software has an excellent bonus for everyone who loves to play slot games. 200 free spins with no max cashout will be awarded to all newly registered players as long as they use the bonus code CHERRYSPINS. The promotion lasts until the end of 2016, so there is still a lot of time to claim your free spins. The minimum amount you need to deposit is only $35.

Park Lane Casino has a generous promotion for new players as well. You receive 200% up to 2000€. It’s available for all the games that the casino offers. They come from some of the most reputable and high quality providers, such as Net Entertainment, BetSoft, Amaya Gaming or Lightning Box Games. In addition to the percentage, you can also get 50 free spins for BetSoft slot games if you use the bonus code MY50.

The free spins bonus offered by Conquer Casino applies to the video slot game called Fisticuffs, which was created by the leading software provider Net Entertainment. As you sign up, you receive 25 free spins. The bonus code you need to use is FREE25. In addition to that, you get 10 free spins in the same game when you make your first deposit. Conquer Casino offers a very generous welcome bonus package as well – £€$ 800 is a really promising opportunity to start winning big for every new customer.

Fruity King Casino offers a similar bonus. All newly registered users receive 25 free spins and additional 10 free spins on the first deposit they make, which can be used to play the Net Entertainment slot game Hooks Heroes. HERO25 is the bonus code that needs to be entered to receive the spins. There is also a very exciting welcome bonus of £€$ 200 in Fruity King Casino on top of that.

Futuriti Casino has a very straightforward no deposit bonus of €50 for free for all of its slot games. No bonus code is necessary to participate. BetSoft, Igrosoft, Novomatic and Evolution Gaming are among the software providers who guarantee that every game you choose will be fun to play. In order to receive the free money you only need to place a bet while playing a game in the mobile version of the casino, and verify your phone number. As soon as you have done these two simple steps, the €50 no deposit bonus is yours.