When playing casino blackjack, also called “twenty-ones”, you can use card counting as a strategy. There are many different methods to do that, and some people are so skilled that card counting is their source of income. When you start out you need to spend at least 20 hours on learning just the Basic Strategy.

The point of card counting is to pick the best time to raise your bets by keeping track of the cards and their movement. A huge win of the underdog thanks to card counting is a trope in Hollywood movies. In reality the wins are usually not that extreme, but the player’s chances are definitely improved.

You are able to follow the relationship between lower value cards (under 5) and higher value cards. Higher value cards give advantage to the player, while lower value cards benefit the dealer – they’re less likely to go bust (exceed a total of 21). The player raises their bet when there are many higher value cards among the remaining ones, and the dealer might go bust.

After learning the methods of card counting, it’s important to learn to do it also in the loud environment of a casino. Concentration 100% of the time is a priority. It’s also a good idea to learn how to act naturally and chit chat with others while doing card counting in your head, in order to not seem suspicious.

To do card counting professionally you will need years of practicing your skills.