In many casinos you can pick the currency in which you want to wager. Usually the choices are USD, GBP and EUR. What does it mean for bonuses when the exchange rate between the currencies doesn’t stay the same, and when different currencies don’t have the same real world value?

Usually casinos offer bonuses by equating the values, for example 100 USD is approximately 75 EUR or 70 GBP, so that’s the number of credits players get, depending on which currency they use. Exchange rates fluctuate, sometimes significantly, but the bonus amounts of money need to be round figures for aesthetic reasons, so in the end the fluctuations don’t usually affect the number.

There is a fundamental problem, though. 1 credit in GBP is has higher real value than 1 credit in USD, which is not fair to the player who ends up needing to spend more. The solution would be to offer numerically the same bonuses. If everyone gets 100, whether it’s USD, GBP or EUR, they wager more but they also receive higher bonuses. An online casino that uses this system is Play United, which was originally powered by Real Time Gaming, but later switched to Playtech.