There are so many online casinos on the Internet that they need to compete with each other by offering the best features possible. To attract and keep customers it’s not always enough to have great games, sound effects and graphics. You also need to have the most rewarding promotions and bonuses.

New players can receive a sign-up bonus (or a match bonus) which is a percentage of the amount of money you first deposit. For example if you deposit $100 and the bonus is 50%, you receive extra $50. There are always restrictions when it comes to cashing out the money, though.

To keep the players coming some casinos offer a re-load bonus, which can be received every time the player makes a deposit or every week.

Referral bonuses are awarded when you refer someone to the website because it brings a new customer to the casino. The condition is that your friend actually signs up. In real casinos you can sometimes win big prizes, such as vacation trips.

Tournaments are promotions where you get to play with many people from all over the world and the jackpots are bigger than normally.

In loyalty programs or VIP programs you receive bonus points for being active on the website, and later you can redeem them for gift vouchers or cash.

The more you play, the more bonuses, promotions and tournaments become available to you. You can use them to improve your experience and have higher chances of winning. It is however very important that you read all terms and conditions before you act.