There are myths and misconceptions regarding the game of blackjack, and believing in them without having any factual confirmation can have negative effects for the players and their bankroll. This article lists some of them.

• “Due for a win” is a popular concept that has no basis in reality. If you lost many times it doesn’t mean that you’re any more likely to win the next time. Believing in this myth can lead to taking unnecessary risks and losing more than your established losing limit.
• A popular misconception says that getting as close to 21 as possible is the goal of playing blackjack. This means that new players will focus on the wrong aspect of the game, when in reality beating the dealer is the goal.
• Believing the dealer’s hole card will be 10 can lead to the player using bad judgement and making wrong decisions, because it also means believing that the player has to have a 10 as their hole card.
• Blaming bad players for making the table lose is a problem. In reality a bad player simply makes the game more challenging and exciting to play, and provides fair winning opportunities.
• Single deck blackjack is not usually more profitable when you play it in casinos. In theory it’s definitely more profitable when the rules are the same in single and multi deck games, but in casinos single deck blackjack (if they offer it in the first place) will usually be modified to not be that good for players.