The game of roulette is very popular. The American version of the game can be enjoyed not only in Las Vegas and in other land-based casinos, but also on the Internet.

The numbers range from 00 to 36 and you need to pick one of them. You click the coin that lets you increase or decrease your bet, and then you fix the bet. After that you click the play button – the ball will start rolling. You win if it stops on the number you bet on.

Your win depends on two things – how much money you wager and what type of bets you place.

The bets generally placed on the inside of the table are Inside bets. They include the following types:

• Straight up bet. You pick any number between 1 and 36. If that’s where the ball lands, you win $36 for every $1 you wagered.
• Split bet. You pick the line between any two numbers. The chances of winning are doubled because you win if either of the two adjacent numbers wins, but you get $16 for every $1.
• Street bet. You pick a street of three numbers. Your chances are three times as high as with the straight up bet, but you win $10 for every $1.
• Square bet. You pick the middle of a square between four numbers. For every $1 you can win $8.

The best generally placed on the outside of the table are Outside bets. They include:

• Column bet. A column includes one third of all the numbers. You can win 2:1.
• Dozen bet. You pick between numbers in the first 12, second 12 or third 12, when counting from 1 to 36.
• Money bet. The table is divided in two halves, you pick one of them.