Keno is popular among the players of online casinos worldwide because it’s simple and luck-based. Not all players are familiar with all the terms used in the game, so some of them are explained in this article.

Average Limit (Aggregate Limit) – the total amount of money as a liability kept by casinos during keno game.

Keno Balls – numbered between 1 and 80, they select the winning numbers in the game.

Bankroll – the total amount of money that players have available to bet with, whether it’s in a keno game or any other casino game.

Keno Bet – the amount of money wagered by a player.

Combination Ticket – ticket that allows players to bet several different types of bets.

Free Play (Demo / Practice Game) – game where you don’t need to bet any money.

House Edge – the number of bets the house expects from the players who win over time, in keno games it’s 20-30%.

Draw – the numbers drawn in a game.

Hit – when one of the numbers marked by players comes in a draw.

Progressive Jackpot – in keno it’s the huge prize a player wins when playing with the maximum numbers and having all of them hit.

Split Ticket – ticket that combines multiple groups of numbers, can be played separately.