When you want to plan your bankroll management for any casino game, you need to consider two important things: the house advantage in this particular game and its overall volatility. High level blackjack or video poker has a low house advantage – the payout rates can be more than 99%. Blackjack’s volatility is very low and video poker’s volatility is slightly higher but still low.

As a general rule, you can play more aggressively the lower the house advantage is and the lower the volatility is. That means that poker and blackjack are good games to be aggressive with your bankroll management, as long as you’re very skilled at playing them.

The 300x rule is okay when you’re a good player. It means that your bankroll should have 300 individual bets. For example, a $150 bankroll means that per hand you don’t play more than $0.50. In blackjack you can split or double for more bets, so a 400x rule might be even better.

You’ll need to adjust your strategy when you play a variation of these games where the volatility or the payout are different. More volatile games, such as video poker with top-heavy payout tables, mean that more conservative bankroll management is necessary. Similarly, switching to a game you’re not very familiar with means that your skills will not be enough to get a very low house advantage at the beginning.