imagesOne of the most popular casino games, baccarat, comes in variations that require either skills (railway and deux baccarat) or luck (North American baccarat) to win.

Betting is very simple – the player can place the wager on their own card, the banker’s card or on a tie between themselves and the banker.

The winner is the player holding the cards with the cumulative value closer to 9. The value of the ace is 1 and the value of face cards and 10 is 0. In case the cumulative score is 10 or more than 10, the player discards one card and holds the other card which becomes their card value.

Important baccarat terms:

1. A natural hand: When the value of two cards sums up to 8/9. It automatically wins. If both hands are equal it’s a tie that needs to be broken by drawing more cards.
2. Le petit: When the score is 8. The other player cannot draw the third card.
3. Draw a card: A third can can be drawn when the score is 0-5, unless someone gets Le petit (8) or Le grande (9).
4. Face cards: They get the value of 0 (kings, queens, jacks and tens).
5. Banker: One of the two hands. Doesn’t have to be the casino/dealer.

Winning strategies and other information:

1. Baccarat systems sold for hundreds of dollars are not worth your money.
2. Learn the rules and terminology thoroughly.
3. Practice by playing for free (online or in person) before playing for money.
4. Knowing the probability regarding drawing the third card based on the first two cards can help when placing bets.
5. Always know how much money you brought and how much you have left.

Baccarat is considered a fancy and exclusive game, but it shouldn’t be intimidating if you know how to play.