Online gambling can be made of very repetitive patterns of clicking the same buttons over and over. That’s why Auto Play is a really great feature. You set up a specific number of spins and you can do something else while the software itself is betting and spinning for you. Software from Microgaming, Playtech and Cryptologic has the Auto Play option.

The most fancy Auto Play comes from Microgaming. It’s very customizable and you can use it with the Expert Mode feature for optimizing strategies. In addition to slots, it’s available for roulette, video poker and blackjack. The options include not just the number of spins and seconds between spins, but also stopping options: once all spins are done, once a jackpot is won, once the winnings equal or exceed X, once there is any win at all, once credits increase or decrease by X.

When used with the Expert Mode, Auto Play can help players track all of their outcomes and payouts, and therefore evaluate, adjust and optimize their strategy. It’s particularly useful for blackjack.

Other companies’ Auto Play has less features. For example in Playtech software it can be set to stop when a specific payout is achieved, but not when there’s a bonus round. The Auto Play offered by Cryptologic is even simpler – it plays without stopping for as many spins as the player specifies beforehand. Both are only available for slot games.

Some players are against Auto Play because they feel it takes away the whole point of online gambling.