Free spins in slots give you a chance to win extra money without risking anything. But in a way it is too good to be true – there are other ways in which you pay for the free spins anyway.

You can receive free spins in different ways – for registering as a new player (usually together with a sign up bonus) or by playing the slot game itself, for example from getting scatter symbols.

Each spin in a slot game gives you a chance to get rich. But no matter how much you win, the casino still makes money thanks to the payout percentage. For example, a 95% payout percentage means that per each dollar you wager you will receive on average $0.95%, and the casino’s profit will be $0.05. The payout percentage already takes free spins into account.

On the other hand, if the payout percentage is 95% then it will stay so, whether you get free spins or not. Which means that free spins, while not actually free, are not pointless and can be beneficial. On average in the long run you’re not going to win any more than without them, but at a particular moment each spin is important, and they’re more exciting when they feel like a free gift.