If you’re a fan of Xbox, Playstation or Nintendo games, you are definitely going to love skill games too. They can be played just for fun, but they also have a huge advantage over other games – you can actually win money for high scores and beating other players! There are many websites with skill games all over the Internet.

Skill games come in many diverse categories:
• Action Games, such as war.
• Sports Games, which include all kinds of sports – basketball, pool, baseball, etc.
• Hide and Seek Games, where you search for hidden objects.
• Word Games – anything to do with words and letters, for example scrabble or boggle.
Card Games, such as canasta, spades, rummy, poker or solitaire.
• Casino Games, including blackjack, video poker and slots.
• Adventure Games, where you complete some kind of mission without your character dying.
• Puzzle Games, where you solve riddles and puzzles by matching objects, clearing the screen or in other ways.

In order to play for real money you need to choose this option on the website with skill games, for example “Tournament” or “Play for Money”. You are grouped together with players who bet the same amount you did, and you need to play against them. The highest score will win the money.

Most websites that offer skill games will let you play with “free cash” and enter a tournament in order to see how well you will do against other players.