There are some important things to pay attention to when playing online slot games, and payout percentage is one of them. It’s simply the percentage that the casino pays out to the players. It says a lot about how the casino compares to others. Higher payout percentage is generally better, but there are exceptions.

In addition to the payout percentage there are other important aspects to consider in order to enjoy your time at the casino. But after everything is settled because it sounds good, it’s important to know whether or not the casino can be trusted about their claims regarding the payout percentage.

A reliable third party needs to audit and certify the payout percentage posted on the casino website. The players need to know it’s legitimate. Casinos that claim 99.99% payout percentage look very suspicious. It’s not a realistic number and it’s only there as an advertisement. Reputable online casinos update this information often to keep it current. Casinos from the same network usually have the same payout percentage.

Generally, the payout percentage in online casinos is better than in land-based ones. They are able to be more generous because they can afford it, just like they’re able to offer really great promotions and bonuses. 95.6% or higher means a good payout percentage. A very high one can be a red flag, though, so it’s a good idea do some more research before joining such a casino.